Your Sales Page Sucks

Your event sales page sucks.

Sorry, but it does (I'm actually not sorry, I just wanted your attention).

And here's why...

You're not a funnel hacker.

And it's likely you have zero experience designing a funnel (let alone a highly converting one).

So let's break it down step by step to make sure your funnel is tight.

A few weeks back I shared with you how to create your Million Dollar Event Hook™.

Now it's time to use it.

In big, bold letters at the top of your funnel: followed by your Line & Sinker.

(If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go back a few posts).

Now here's the most important thing I'm going to tell you about funnel design...

The most important real estate of your funnel is what someone sees "above the fold"

Meaning - they should get everything they need to sign up with out having too scroll down.

So, how we do this is first by placing your Million Dollar Event Hook™ front and centre.

Then we usually follow with a video designed to grab their attention and get them excited (not to mention warm them up to you)

And then the link they need to register.

So that anyone in a hurry or keen as a bean can register quickly.

But what comes after this is equally important and where most people destroy their funnel.

You need a long form sales page.

That's carefully curated with oodles of copy, social proof and wow factor.

It should scroll for miles. Seriously.

Especially if you are running paid ads to it.

Cold traffic needs to be warmed up to you - and so this is your chance to demonstrate exactly who you are and who the event is for.

And by the end of the funnel, non-deal clients will self select out.

But your ideal clients?

Ooft! They'll register in droves!

Remember - the only point of this first sales page is to sell the next logical step.

Which is to register for the event.

Anything that doesn't serve that purpose is irrelevant.

And you should cut it.


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