What if every time we do business, something good happens in the world?

Brody Lee is an award winning philanthropist, one time monk and the "Million Dollar Events" guy.

Simply put, Brody is the world's most sought after events consultant and speaker on all things “impact”.

When industry leaders want to scale and increase their impact with inspiring and immersive events - Brody is the one out in front facilitating their event and selling from stage. Or you’ll find him behind the scenes pulling all the strings to shine the spotlight on them. He loves teaching businesses how to create their own world class events and inspiring audiences with his keynote speeches on philanthropy and impact.

With the stage his playground, he is a truly gifted and inspiring speaker. Brody commands any room that he walks into and fascinates clients and audiences alike with his storytelling and ability to ethically sell ice to eskimos.

Over the past 20 years, Brody and his team have run over 1200 live and virtual events. He has helped his clients generate over $100m in revenue while contributing nearly 4 million individual impacts across the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Brody and his team have worked with Marianne Williamson, Think Meta, Apple, Fox Studios, Nintendo, Nickelodeon, Hasbro and Better Homes & Gardens to name a few. Brody is highly sought after in the events industry and has advised a US Presidential candidate on their campaign event strategy.

Everything Brody touches is centred around the premise "What if every time we do business, something good happens in the world?" He is deeply committed to helping impact driven and socially conscious businesses scale their impact and contribution to humanity.

In 2017 Brody woke up from a near death experience that spurred him to step up and embrace his calling to inspire billions with powerful and life changing events. He'll tell you the rest from the stage - it's a pretty wild and inspiring story.

Brody is an avid traveler, a terrible surfer and once ordained as a Buddhist monk in Burma. He's going to Space. Three times. Why? Because he is enamoured with the possibilities of space and its vast unknown secrets.

Brody is on a mission to create a world where everyone gives. He is working to end hunger, end sex trafficking, tackle climate change and provide every person on the planet with clean drinking water through the philanthropic arm of his business Beyond Impact. Brody has been awarded not one, not two, not three but FOUR Business for Good™ Awards for his commitment to philanthropy and inspiring others to contribute to worthy causes.

His epithet will read

"He inspired us all to give."