Meet Brody Lee

7 Figure Coach
Who Helps Coaches Build 7 Figure Impact Machines

Brody Lee is the founder of Beyond Impact Pty. Ltd. and over the past few years he has created one seven figure coach every 6 weeks, a six figure coach every 2 weeks and helped a coach hit their first $10k month every week. He is on track to feed a billion people by 2025 and is working on an exciting new model to end world hunger by 2030.

Brody Lee’s Coaching Story

I grew up in Australia in a pretty normal working class family. Both of my parents worked for the Government and I was taught to get a good education, go to university and to get a good, stable six figure corporate or government job. But, at my core I've been an entrepreneur my whole life.

I didn’t struggle academically at school, topping the state for some of my final subjects.

I went to the National Model United Nations Assembly and National Youth Parliament.  I even got my pilots license (and was flying solo across Australia) before I was legally allowed to get in a car with an instructor.

Life was good, but then things turned a bit pear shaped…

Two weeks after I left school I started using meth.

I used it almost every single day for 6 years.

Yep. Meth.

From Meth to Millions

Millions of Lives Impacted and a multi 7 Figure Business

Now, I could go into detail here about how I was sexually abused as a child, how I lost my hearing, my daily meth addiction for 6 years, my sobriety, coaching and managing executives and leaders globally at Apple, relapse, overdose, a phenomenal personal development journey of redemption and triumph....

However I  think you should hear it in my own voice, so I've included a keynote speech that I did for the B1G1x Virtual Conference in 2020 below.

Following this, I’ll share how  I turned all of that into my dynamite to be a force for good in the world & impacting millions of lives, while building a 7 figure coaching business and helping coaches all over the world build and scale their own businesses for more impact and mingling with Tony Robbins at his house in Sun Valley, Idaho.

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Coaching At Scale

Helping the World's Largest Company to Accelerate their Growth

In 2010, at the age of 24 I moved to Canada to clean myself up and start moving my life forward again after the six years of almost daily meth use.

I was awarded a job as a Specialist at Apple, helping people get connected to the latest technology to grow their businesses.

I loved working at Apple! I worked my ass off, making work my new passion (as opposed to all those years of being passionately dedicated to the consumption of drugs & partying like it was 1999) and in 4 years I received 5 promotions.

It was a hands-on, baptism by fire style business education that would take college business graduates decades to achieve.

I immersed myself in and fell in love with Apple’s famous service culture and learned everything I could about their entire operation from client attraction, industry leading sales and growth strategies to their incredible service delivery model.

I ended up being given the reigns of a national project to coach, train and develop Apple’s leadership and executive teams on service and growth strategy.
Each week I'd bring teams of leaders from across the country together to celebrate our wins and strategise how we could do even better the next week.

Together, we grew the Canadian market to almost a billion dollars a year in revenue.

The Cold Snap

Look, Canada is bloody cold. My brother called me one day when it was a scorching 45 degrees in Sydney and the temperature in Toronto was minus 35 degrees celsius.

That's an 80 degree difference, on the same planet on the same day!

After four years of this nonsense I started getting homesick, missing the beach & my family, and made the decision to move home.

We All Fall Down

From Almost Losing My Life to Creating a Life of Impact & Meaning

Following this, I had a massive fall from grace…
In early 2017, repressed memories of sexual abuse by a teacher when I was six resurfaced.

This was like a sucker punch to the gut. Despite all of my hard work in getting clean, building my career in Canada & returning home healthy and well... I pretty much lost it.

On May 23, 2017 just three days before my 31st birthday I relapsed.

I was in an incredible amount of pain and just wanted it to stop. I took a concoction of drugs and almost died from a massive overdose.

If you haven't already listened to one of the podcasts above, I would suggest that you stop reading, go back and listen now because this will make so much more sense once you've listened to me talk about it.

When I woke up from the overdose I was surrounded by my Mum, my Dad, a Police offer and a couple of Paramedics.

Immediately a question popped into my foggy and weary mind... "Brody, is this really how you want to live your life?"
Shouting out a big fat "FUCK NO!", that day became the most consequential day of my entire life.

In that split second, I made a decision that my life had to be about something more than what it had been and it was my duty to myself and my loved ones to heal and grow into the person I was destined to be from birth.

Getting Leverage

How I Used Rehab (and a Snake) As A Catalyst for a Massive Turnaround

I put myself into the best rehab in the country, using my own cash (even though I had healthcare) as leverage to ensure I took it seriously and extracted as much value as possible.

Every day, during a break, I had to walk up those stairs pictured left. And every day the same snake was there, soaking up the sun.

In order to get up the stairs where I needed to go, I had to face my fear of snakes. I had to carefully navigate the stairs so as to not to disturb the snake, with my heart racing each time.

It was a brilliant metaphoric representation of the work I was doing on myself while I was there. For 25 years I'd been asleep at the wheel of my life, desperate to do anything (hence using meth) but face my fear and pain.

Here, it was held up right up in front of my face.


How Rejecting My Diagnoses Saved My Life

My medical team were brilliant, but they were all too happy to apply new labels to me (in addition to the addict label I'd already been prescribed from my two earlier stints in rehab in my early 20's) and I walked out as an addict with complex post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety and as a sexual abuse survivor.

The only word in that mess that's ever really resonated with me is survivor. And even then at the time I remember thinking "I want to do more than just survive."

"I want to thrive."

In my final days at rehab I told my medical team there that "whilst I respect and understand your diagnosis, I utterly reject it" and set out to find better answers.

As I was leaving, I returned to those stairs one last time. I walked up, keeping an eye out for the snake. It was gone. And in its place was its skin, slowly shrivelling up in the sun.

For a brief moment, I realised that the metaphor was complete. And just like the snake, I had just shed 25 years of this bullshit story about my life.
It was time to create a new one.

My First Coaching Client

Over the next twelve months I became obsessed with figuring my mind, body and spirit out, whilst learning and growing into a new future.

I completed the entire Landmark Curriculum For Living, read hundreds of books on personal development (Brendon Burchard, Dale Carnegie etc) and attended seminars all over the country.

With a forensic eye and a dogged commitment to being a better human - I learned more about myself and human beings in that year than in my prior 31 years.

Even though I'd coached thousands of managers, executives and team members at Apple, I was in effect my own first coaching client. I went tilt towards growth, fuelled my mind and did the fucking work.

Eventually, I ended up at Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power within event in Sydney. This is where it all started coming together and everything really clicked.

I walked over 2000 degree hot coals on the first night, unleashing my true power and then at the end of the third day something quite remarkable happened.
I forgave.

For the first time since I was six years old I got complete with my history and forgave my abuser.

With a huge weight lifted off my shoulders, I declared with absolute certainty and conviction that I would never put another mind altering substance in my body again. And I haven't since.

Proximity is Power

Not putting drugs or alcohol (or any toxin) in my body ever again was the first big decision I made that weekend.

The second one, was to start a business focussed on impact.

I started formulating this vision about how I wanted to light up every single person on the planet so no one would ever endure being asleep at the wheel of their own life like I was for so many years.

I thought, if I were to ever go to space (I am soon actually, but that's another conversation!) I wanted to to look down on the planet and see every single person shining so fucking brightly that I could see them from space.

But how could I do that?


Because proximity is power.

New York, New York

Starting Out in a Dingy New York Hotel Room to Change Lives

In 2018 I ran the New York Marathon for the first time ever - more on that later. But the very next weekend Tony Robbin's held another Unleash the Power Within event in the New York Area.

I had made a big declaration at UPW Sydney, that within one year I was going to be on stage with him and work with him in some capacity. I figured that if I kept placing myself in that environment, got proximity to the masters - then I might learn a thing or two and my business would thrive.

Then, the night before it all began I set up in a dingy hotel room near Newark Airport and went live on Facebook, telling my story and announcing the start of my coaching business. It was a crazy start with hundreds of people tuning in live, resulting in me taking on 10 probono coaching clients to get started and a tonne of leads. Just from one Facebook live!

Then, the next day something remarkable happened... I was asked by Team Tony Robbins to welcome him to the stage in front of 15000 people. And this was only 6 week's after I declared I was going to do it within a year!

The Juggling Act

Surviving a Startup Business, Working Full Time & Doing My Masters

Sink or swim. That's the best way to describe the first few months of my business. I was consulting full time, not enjoying it, studying my masters, not enjoying it and starting to impact lives all over the world and really enjoying it. I really wanted this to be my full time gig and juggling everything was hard work

So I quietly started to put the pieces together and analyse what it really took to create a six-figure coaching business.

It wasn’t fully tested, but I decided to bite the bullet anyway. And when I did…

I Made $40,000 in My First Month

And within 10 weeks, I had generated over $100,000 in revenue.

I was on fire, and knew this was my vehicle for making a dent on the universe.

I did this for about six months until I’d mastered the process.

However I wanted to make an even bigger impact…

To go above and beyond…

And help other coaches avoid being one of the 96% of coaches who don’t make it, and use the unique IMPACT Model™ I’d developed to generate the same results for themselves and their clients.

In the pursuit of this objective, my two programs, Zero to Hero and my Beyond Program were born.

Even I couldn’t have forecast how in demand they would become.

Since then, these programs have helped more than 175 coaches have their first $10k month, dozens have had multi-five figure months, have created over 60  six figure earners and six clients who made $100000 in one month. On average, we've created one seven figure coach every six weeks (in the last year), one six figure coach every two weeks (over the past two) and every week a client is hitting their first $10k month (for the past 3 years).

What’s more, it’s so rewarding. Nothing gives me more “juice” than seeing coaches break through their inner barriers, and live their life purpose.

Many of my students have become great friends, and we all celebrate our success as we progress through each stage of the journey.

And we’ve done this while doing some serious good in the world. Check out our IMPACT page (coming soon) to see how every time we do business, we make sure something good happens in the world.

What began as a personal struggle, has become a movement beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

I’d love for you to join us. Just let me know what you’re biggest challenge is right now, and I’ll do everything I can to personally support you: 

What began as a struggle, became an idea, which struck a nerve and became a movement. The IMPACT™ revolution is here, and I’d love for you join us!