You don’t have to prove yourself

Listen up.

I want you to know that during a sales call… you have nothing to prove.

In fact, the burden of proof lies with your clients!

They must be able to show you that they are worthy of becoming your client…

…as opposed to you having to prove that you are worthy of coaching them.

But unfortunately, when some coaches encounter objections…

The power differential changes.

These coaches start to think that they now have to do everything in their power to prove that they should be hired as a coach.

So, how do you prevent that from happening?

How do you handle this objection that’s being thrown in your face?

Well, you have to start with understanding the objection at a deeper level.

You have to understand what their needs actually are.

And once you do that…

You’ll find that there are three things you can do to resolve any kind of objection.

#1 - You can treat an objection by talking about a feature of your coaching program.

#2 - You can share a personal anecdote of how you dealt with a client’s pain.

#3 - You can back up your strategy with how an existing or previous client resolved a similar problem.

Use all these strategies together and you’ll notice that they all end up conveying one thing.

It’s like saying:

“Hey. I got you. I’ve been there before. I helped a client with the same issue before. And we overcame it.”

It’s like giving your prospect three good reasons why they should get rid of their objection…

…and choose to start working with you today.

It’s like showing to them that you’re prepared to go to battle with them…

…and that you’re ready and willing to hold space for them to step into their power.

This will show that you’re not there to prove yourself as a coach to anyone…

You’re simply responding to their needs internally.


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