What if you could automate your lead gen?

What if you could automate your lead gen?

So that every week you knew with predictability exactly how many sales calls would be on you or your sales teams calendar.

How cool would that be as you scale your business from 6 to 7 figures?

Well you can, and it’s pretty easy to do.

There’s two ways to approach this…

First, with your organic marketing.

And second with paid advertising.

Now the paid advertising option is pretty self explanatory - you spend a certain amount of money, a certain amount of calls get booked and you sign a certain amount of clients.

Easy, right?

I agree. And I’ll cover off Ads another time.

But what about for organic marketing?

Also easy.

You see, instead of using a machine like ads to automate, with organic marketing you use a combination of people and systems to achieve the same result.

Over a three month period last year I measured the number of chats we started versus the number of clients we signed.

On average without me doing any of the work our team signed about 3 new clients for every 100 chats.

Notice a couple of things here - I said “without me doing any of the work”

Meaning I’ve designed a people solution to achieve a certain result.

And also notice the numbers.

That means that if we want to sign 10 new clients, we just have to start 333 new chats.

And then we can scale up and down depending on what our needs are.

If I start selling these numbers reduce dramatically - because I haven’t found anyone who can close sales calls as well as me yet.

But the whole point is that it’s “hands off for Brody”

So then, how do we automate this and make it even more predictable?

Because finding 333 new chats each month to start is hard work right?


And so here’s where your content system can help out, as well as an amazing tool we found called Pepper.

As part of your content marketing you should regularly have CTA’s or hand raisers that get warmer leads to make themselves known to you.

I recommend 2-3 a month when you’re doing organic marketing. They raise their hands, you chat to them, boom they become a client.

But what about something a bit more systematic and automated?

Easy - using a tool like Pepper, it can do a lot of the grunt work for you.

It scours groups for keywords and then ads people as friends from those group.

Then when they accept, it can automatically send them a message.

Word of warning though - it’s a blunt instrument, so the leads will be colder and may not be your ideal client.

And technically it’s against the rules to use tools like this - so be careful. If you get too trigger happy you could get banned…

So there’s an element of risk here.

But we’ve had great success with this framework - using a combination of reverse engineering the results we want based on our sales data

As well as people, systems and tools to help us get great results.

The only question left is:

When are you going to start?


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