Warm vs. Cold Traffic

The idea of starting your first conversation with a prospect… It’s exciting!

But the reality?

Your first interaction with prospects is usually cold.

Take chats, for example.

Chat traffic is often cold.

Think about it…

tting with don’t even know you yet. They need time to digest who you are and what you do. Not to mention see some results.

Now, if you’re running ads, know that ad traffic is even colder. 


The only thing prospects get is your name or brand name and very little information about you. Ads don’t help people get to know you.

Now, this doesn’t just happen online… 

It can get ever worse!

Have you ever had someone book a call and not show up?

Did you ever get ghosted?

Yeah… it sucks.

But here’s the thing.

It can and will happen!

…And it’s not the end of the world.

Truth is, some prospects don’t feel that comfortable or familiar enough with you to come on the call. Or even to send you a DM with the immediate intention to buy

They’re likely not convinced yet… 

So, you might have to chase them down a bit to get them on a call.

To be clear, there’s nothing inherently wrong with chasing down some leads. But if you’re looking to really scale, you need to do something else.

You see, chasing leads uses time and resources. It’s also indicative of a leaky sales funnel that isn’t good for business.

So, how do you stop prospects from ghosting you?

You set up an indoctrination funnel.

I know it might sound a bit weird. But think about it…

What do prospects need to jump on a call with you and buy your program?

They need indoctrination.

As mentioned, prospects need to know you better and be familiar with your teachings. You also need to have tons of social proof to back up your claims and make them believe you.

Now, when you have an indoctrination funnel, cold traffic warms up. 

Your leads become warm, then become qualified leads. 

And your call dropout rate will drop dramatically.

So, if you’re not getting enough sales, guess what?

It might be time to fix the leaks in your funnel. 


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