How to Transform Lives and Have an Impact on the World

Transforming someone’s life isn’t enough.

There is one thing that sets the 6 and 7 figure coaches apart from the rest.

It’s something that encourages your clients to not only stay, but to want to help you to grow your business and on your mission.

That’s the holy grail of any business… customers paying you to help them get results and you doing such a good job at it that they will bend over backwards to support you on your mission.

And it all comes down to your customer culture.

We’ve been told for years that a business has to create raving fans in order to be successful.

This is true.

But to maintain that success - you have to create a raving fan culture.

Creating a raving fan culture steps beyond just singular raving fans.

It’s about creating a culture where your clients aren’t just telling everyone about you, but they’re actively supporting you on your mission.

Where your clients take your goals on as their own and work to grow your impact too, whilst still working on their own businesses.

I’ll give you an example.

At our recent IMPACT event for coaches, we introduced our to the way in which we think about our Mission.

We put this into three categories: impact, wealth and contribution.

We spoke about what it means to truly impact someone’s life through your work.

I described impact as kind of like the rocket fuel that keeps you going.

And I shared that over the next 12 months we are going to help 1000 coaches have their first $10k month, get over 100 to six figures and 10 coaches to 7 figures.

That’s more than 1000 new coaching businesses - think about the ripple on effects of that.


Then, I shared about the wealth we wanted to create.

Now so many people’s sphincters tighten the minute you talk about money openly.

So I talk about it a lot - to help de-stigmatise it and ensure our clients have a healthy relationship with money.

And if impact is the rocket fuel that keeps you going, then I believe wealth is what gives you velocity.

I told them that we were going to 10x our business in the same period.


And here’s the crucial part.

Think about the velocity we would have to do good in the world as we 10x our business.

Enter the last piece of the mission puzzle we teach… the third pillar… is contribution.

We told them that we are going to 10x our business in just 12 months SO THAT we can feed 10 million people.

So we can save 1000 children from sex trafficking.

And so that we can provide 100000 years (no, that’s not a typo… years) of clean water.

Wanna take a stab at what happened next?

Just about every person in the room said I WANT IN and joined up with our charity partner so that they could create their own contribution and embed it into their business DNA.

And we smashed almost 7 figures in sales in just one weekend (no coincidences there, right?).

Now you’re probably wondering how this is relevant to creating a raving fan culture?

So here it is:

Get a client a result, and you might create a singular raving fan.

Good job!

Give that client incredible results, an outstanding peer group and an environment that fosters community, connection and contribution…

Where they are touched, moved and inspired to work towards something greater than themselves….

While getting everyone they know to be a part of it too...

Who all want to stick around and work with you on both their own mission and yours for life.

THAT’s a raving fan culture.

And that’s what I strive to create every single day.