The VIP Bump

Someone has just registered for your event.

Now what?

The second page in your event funnel is critical.

Adding in a VIP bump is a masterful stroke of genius when filling your next event.


Because everyone wants to be a VIP, first of all.

So you're selling significance.

But also because it helps you to improve your event show ups, creates more engagement and it can offset some of your ad spend.

A VIP offer as part of your registration process will get leads who are warmer to raise their hands too.

Meaning that you and your team will have a good idea of who to target at the event (and after it).

It also gives you an opportunity to enhance the know, like and trust factor with a cold audience by giving them some value before the event.

And primes attendees to purchase your big thing by making them do a micro-purchase too.

Existing clients are more likely to buy again from you.

So let's make your event attendees a client before they even come to the event!

There's a few things you should absolutely include in your VIP package.

The first, is recordings of the event.

That's a no brainer.

The second, is stuff that's actually going to be useful and relevant to them.

That will help them win before the event.

Maybe it's some training videos, a module or two from your course... whatever!

Someone who has consumed your stuff, then gotten a great result with it before you've even tried to pitch them on your main offer.

Will be primed and ready to take the next step.

But my personal favourite is including client hotseats interviews.

Think of this as like your golden ticket to pre-handle objections.

And start wiring attendees brains for success.

And to buy.

You see people are much more likely to buy when they feel they will get a result.

And then someone recommends that they buy.

So, trot out your best success stories and let them demonstrate the power of working with you.

Before the event has even begun.



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