The Trap of Believing the No

Objections suck!

They really do.

And when people object…

So many different things happen…

Even if they don’t really need to.

Now, I want you to think about the worst thing that could ever happen when you encounter objections.

Is it getting into an argument with your client?

Is it settling on a price that’s too low for your level of service?

Or is it just getting your clients to hang up on you? 

To be honest…

All of these are pretty bad scenarios when handling objections.

But I believe the worst thing that could happen is this:

Falling into the trap of believing the no.

You see, as human beings, it’s in our nature to say no to everything.

In fact, the word ‘no’ is probably the most used word in our vocabulary.

That’s why we’re really good at coming up with automatic nos - it feels like it’s become a reflex.

And that’s also the reason why we spend so much time getting people just to say yes.

But unfortunately, during a sales call…

Some of us fall into the trap of believing in the no.

The danger is that if we start to believe in a client’s objection…

That’s when things go haywire.

We lose confidence.

They take control of the call.

And we end up losing a client.

Believing in the client’s objection is the worst possible thing you can do in a call.

Objections are complete BS. 

They’re usually a smokescreen for something much, much deeper.

But how do we prevent ourselves from falling into the trap of believing in the no?

It’s simple, really.

You have to be prepared for objections.

It’s pretty much like preparing to go to war.

In other words, you have to make sure that you understand what’s really going on…

You have to find out why your clients say different things…

And what you actually need to address.


No one wins the war without any mental, physical, and emotional preparation.

You got this.


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