The Three Kinds of Objections

Let me ask you a question:

Do you think objections are inevitable?

Well, I know that for most coaches, objections are probably inevitable.


Because the strategy of these coaches is to just respond to objections when they happen…

…instead of pre-handling them before the call or addressing them head-on.

But here’s the truth:

It is possible for you to tackle an objection before it even happens.

But in order to do this…

You must first have a clear understanding of the three kinds of objections.

Because by finding out the three kinds of objections, you’ll know why an objection is occurring…

And you would therefore be able to properly address what’s really going on…

Before it even happens.

Think of it as basically handling the root causes instead of just looking at the objections at face value.

So now, let me share the three kinds of objections:

#1 - Vehicle Objection

This is all about your client objecting to your process.

It usually happens when you haven’t really connected the dots to their pain and how your solution fixes their problem.

In other words, they don’t think that your strategy will get them the result that they want.

#2 - Internal Objection

This happens when a client doesn’t believe that they can get the result that they want regardless of the amount of assistance you’re willing to give.

An internal objection usually happens when you haven't given them certainty that they'll be able to accomplish the result. 

#3 - External Objection

This is about something other than a vehicle or an internal objection that’s usually out of a client’s control.

It can include anything like their spouse, time, money, work, or any other factor that’s not related to the process.

Now that you know the three kinds of objections…

You’re one step closer to being able to address them right.

You won’t ever be coming in blind when a client objects to your process at any point during your call.


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