The Team Members You Need

Pop quiz!

What do you think is one of the biggest problems business owners have when it comes to growing a business?

Is it money?

Is it having enough clients?

These things matter, sure. 

But they might not be your biggest issue when trying to scale. 

You also need a team!


Imagine this…

You have a mission and laid out your plan and your 10-year goals.

You’re ready to grow your coaching business.

Guess what?

You need a team around you to help you do that!

Granted, hiring doesn’t come easy.

The team energy can be quite fractured.

People will come to work with you for various reasons..

So, you worry about surrounding yourself with people that are only interested in getting a paycheck. And even if that’s not the case, people can have different ideas, values, and work ethics. 

I know the question that keeps you up at night:

What kind of people do I need in my business to accelerate my scalability while maintaining the same level of service towards my clients?

The answer is very simple.

You need people on the same page…

Working towards the same goals…

And on the same mission.

Simply put… you need to replicate yourself in your staff!

That way, you’ll be assured everyone is working from the same playbook. You’ll be able to scale your business without the usually associated growing pains.

Now, it’s essential to make a distinction here.

I’m not saying you should not pay your staff handsomely - the paycheck still matters.

But you don’t want to make it the only reason people want to work with you and impact your clients’ lives.

The motivation has to go deeper than that.

Of course, hiring people is an acquired skill for any business owner and coach. 

But once you nail this skill down, you’ll be in a position to accelerate your growth and impact even more clients.


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