The Impact Question

You spent months designing a killer training question.


Oh no! 

No one is biting!

It sucks when that happens… 

Because if you’re not selling your training session you’re not increasing your revenue.

So here’s a tip for you:

You must make that training session seem invaluable to prospects and clients.


I believe one of the most powerful tools you can use is the impact question.

Here’s how it works.

Normally, you’ll start by explaining the big picture. You go over your secret training tips that will help your audience get results - that’s a given. After all, you have to assume that people know what they’re in for.

But the impact question does something different.

For example, the impact question could go like this:

What would you say if something good happens in the world every time we do business?

Here’s another angle:

What would it look like if your calendar was full with sales calls every single day?

Let’s say you’re working as a relationship coach. So, you could ask your clients something along the lines of:

What would it mean to find the love of your life?

The impact question is really a tool to ram things home. It’s something you use to reinforce the value of your training.

Yes, your audience listened to the pitch… 

You’ve presented your overview or big picture benefits… 

But that may not always be enough.

So, you leverage an impact question to drive it home!

It’s a question that clarifies your intent, the value of your teachings, and the benefits your audience can reap after joining. 

What’s the takeaway?

Sometimes, your audience will need you to go the extra mile to resonate with them. Creating an impact question that hammers in your mission and their needs is a great way to do just that.

Put your clients into a state that gets them future-paced. That’s what you need if you want to boost your sales.


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