Team Empowerment

Your independence and financial freedom are dependent on your team. 

Sadly, most coaches don’t know how to manage a team!

And micromanaging seems like the only way to get things done.

But there’s something I’ve learned from my old boss, Steve Jobs.

I worked for Apple for almost seven years towards the end of his tenure.

And the biggest lesson I’ve learned was when Steve was on his deathbed. He told Tim Cook, now Apple CEO, something incredible:

“When I’m gone, don’t ask what would Steve do. Just do what’s right!”

It’s one of the most powerful statements he could’ve made. 

Not only because they were pretty much his parting words. But it’s the concept that’s amazing.

So, let’s unpack it.

When you do what’s right, everything becomes easy.

This is the same philosophy I apply in my coaching business regarding my team.

You see, I’ve empowered my team.

In doing so, I’ve created many mini-mes all working as one. They now make decisions without me because I gave them the latitude to do this.

All I’m interested in is that my team makes the best decisions with the information they have at any given time.

And before long, I found myself tending to clients on coaching calls and mastermind calls…

…While my team ran the business in the background.

I even found myself not needed at times because of excellent team synergy!

So, what’s the takeaway here?

Once you’ve developed a process of hiring people, you need to also empower your team. 

Now, I’m not saying you should do it without proper training and first creating systems for everyone to follow.

But after that’s out of the way, you have to empower your team. 

Trust them… 

Have their back… 

And allow them to reward you with your independence!

Otherwise, you’re just setting yourself up to be even more overwhelmed as you grow your coaching business.


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