Teaching Call Tips

It’s no secret that coaches get intimidated by the thought of juggling different calls.

I experienced it, too, back when I was starting out.


As coaches, we know that we’re supposed to teach.

That’s why a teaching call feels natural.

But when you start to transition into group coaching… it doesn’t feel the same.

There’s something about working with many clients simultaneously that’s scary.

You have to manage various reactions…



And you can’t be boring!

So, can you do it?


There are two key areas you need to focus on to crush your teaching calls.

Area #1: Teaching Style

When working with more than one client simultaneously, you should understand that people have different paces.

Some are visual learners…

Others are auditory…

And some are perhaps kinaesthetic learners.

So, you must connect with everyone as best as you can.

Now, I personally use lots of geometric shapes to explain concepts and clarify ideas to visual learners.

I may also urge clients to write down things. That’s because kinesthetics need to feel it to absorb the information.

Implementing these things in your teaching call ensures you can reach everyone, no matter the type of learners they might be.

Area #2: Break the Monologue

Of course, some of your speech will feel like a monologue.

After all, when you’re teaching, you’re sharing information. You’re explaining things.

But if you’re talking for 30 minutes straight and nobody else chimes in, you risk losing your audience. No matter how important and relevant your content is, it can happen.

So, engage your clients as you teach.

Ask them to identify problems.

Encourage them to propose solutions.

Have some back and forth and make them think instead of just listening.

It does a lot in terms of breaking monotony.

If you noticed, there’s less audience involvement in a teaching call as opposed to a mastermind call. And it’s a style you also need in your arsenal.

So, work on your flexibility as a coach. 

Identify what engages your clients and break up long monologues.

Before long, your clients will absorb even more from every group teaching session.


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