Selling In Today’s World

Buyer’s resistance is at an all-time high!

But webinars are at an all-time low.

People just don’t sign up for them anymore… 


The fact is, webinars were always associated with the feeling of bracing in for the pitch and the sale. 

People are worried that you’re just going to pitch to them. This makes them more reluctant to tune in.

What does this tell us?

Clearly, trust is in short supply these days and it’s affecting many businesses.

With that in mind, how do you sell your program to an audience that isn’t super trusting? 

Better yet…

How do you do it without taking a sleazy approach?

I have two guiding principles for you to master selling in today’s world.

Principle #1: Provide Value

No one in your audience will think you’re a sleazy salesperson if you give them great value. This is one of the things few coaches in the marketplace understand.

You see, they’re so afraid to sell and be viewed in a certain way that they end up not selling anything.

But without selling, you can’t convert!

Truth is, prospects aren’t wary of sales pitches. They’re only wary of sitting through pitches that don’t offer any value.

Needless to say, your audience is afraid of wasting time listening to something they might not need. 

That’s why it’s your job to showcase and highlight the value you bring to the table.

Principle #2: Progression

Proving your worth isn’t enough to make a sale.

Another thing that prospects hate is being rushed or forced into taking action.

To make a sale without being sleazy, you need to take your prospects through a natural progression to a sales call. 

So what’s the takeaway?

You need a new and better script. 

Most coaches follow the same patterns when selling. That is, they claim expertise or value and push a prospect towards buying.

But today’s buyers are far more sophisticated.

So, take your time…

Prove your worth…

And build up to the inevitable sales call!

By the time you get prospects that far along into the journey, you won’t have to do much selling.


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