How to Produce Powerful Content That Strikes a Nerve and Inspires People to Want to Work With You

I’ve seen a lot of coaches produce a lot of really crappy content...

Your engagement is low and your lead flow has dried up.

The people you are speaking to aren’t even interested in your coaching and heck, they’re not even people in your niche!

And every day, you keep putting out the same rubbish hoping that today will be different.

“This is the piece that’s going to open the floodgates! I just know it!”

Sound familiar?

There is an art and science to producing powerful content that will touch, move and inspire your prospects to want to work with you.

Most coaches just whack out whatever comes to mind at the time they intend to post. I see you!

That was me once upon a time.

But connecting with your prospects starts well before you actually put your thumbs on the screen of your phone, your fingers to your keyboard or pen to paper.

Last week I introduced you to the 3P’s of creating a perfect elevator pitch to describe in intimate detail what you do and who you serve.

But you can only get to that when you have a really clear understanding of your ideal client.

And I don’t just mean some vague idea that they are accountants, or people looking to level up their life, or in my case coaches.

In order to truly PRODUCE POWERFUL CONTENT that resonates, you need to get into their psychology.

And how you do that is by researching it.

You need to study them forensically.

You have to know them better than you know yourself.

So how do you do it?

Well you start by finding out what keeps them up at night.

What are their hopes, dreams, aspirations, fears and pain points?

Why do they think they have a problem?

What are the challenges they face that only you know how to resolve?

Why are they not getting the results they want?

What type of language do they use?

How do they describe their current situation compared to their desired situation?

But be careful… don’t just create stuff out of thin air here based on that you think the answers to these questions are.

You are biased.

The trick is to ask them directly and prove yourself wrong.

You have to be ruthlessly committed to proving your assumptions about your niche wrong.

Otherwise the data isn’t worth the screen it’s glaring back at you from.

But I digress…

Once you have assembled this war chest of data… the next step is to leverage it to produce powerful content.

Content that speaks directly to your ideal client, calls them out and makes them feel like you’ve just ripped a page out of their personal diary and are speaking just to them.

Only then will the door start to open for them to naturally consider working with you.

And that’s what you want isn’t it?

Now, if building a war chest of data about your ideal client is the science behind producing powerful content…

What about the art?

Tune in later this week for more.