Pricing Integrity

Disappointed with your sales?

Maybe it’s time to STOP slashing prices!

That’s a quick way to lose your integrity.

Let me share a story of how and why you should keep your pricing integrity.

Omar, a client of mine, was approached at his gym.

The person was next in line to replace his dad and run a multimillion-dollar company. And he wanted guidance, so he approached my client.

After going through the initial call, things were great.

But the sales call was different… 

This guy was downright disrespectful!

He clearly had the money to buy the program, but he also had a set budget in his mind.

So, Omar tried to be flexible. He lowered his price and asked the prospect whether they could meet in the middle.

But the guy wouldn’t budge!

He said that the amount he was set on was what he thought Omar was worth. And he didn’t want to pay a penny more.

The guy even asked my client why his hourly rate was higher than his.

Omar thought the situation was funny but ended the call anyway.

Initially, he thought the prospect might reach out at a later date. 

But after some reflection, Omar sent an email saying that he was no longer interested in coaching him.


It wasn’t a good fit. 

Omar didn’t want that kind of energy in his coaching program.

Besides, he didn’t need him as a client. It was the other way around, but the guy clearly didn’t deserve Omar’s attention.

So, congratulations to him for standing his ground!

Now, why did I share this?

I know how tempting it is to wish to accommodate everyone and even lower your price to enrol clients.

But you need to maintain your integrity!

Remember that financial criteria are one way you separate your ideal clients from people who aren’t a fit for your program.

If you’re too flexible, you give your prospect too much negotiating power. 

You’ll set a precedent…

And your relationship will be built on endless bargaining. 

So, don’t be too quick to budge on your price. 

Stop underselling yourself! 

You’ll only risk inviting manipulative clients into your business.

And frankly, your life.


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