Pre-Frame Your Client Calls

One question.

How do you invite prospects to jump on a call with you?

Do you tell them something like…

“Schedule a call with me and let’s work on a solution for this problem of yours."

Or do you simply tell clients… 

“Jump in on a call with me and find out if and how I can help you.”

At first glance, these two statements appear to be similar.

But trust me…

Your simple choice of words when pre-framing a call makes a world of difference.

When you say, “Schedule a call with me and let’s work on a solution for your problem”, you’re reassuring clients that you’re there to work with them.

That you’re willing to listen to their pains until you come up with a solution.

So, they’ll show up to the call ready to walk you through their thoughts and processes. And they’ll be receptive to the solution you’re offering.

On the other hand, when you say, “Jump in on a call with me and find out IF and HOW I can help you”, guess what?

You’re making it all about you.

Though that may not be your intention, the phrasing of your statement might make the client feel like the call isn’t really about them or their pains.

Instead, they might feel that the focus is all on you.

As a result, they might not open up to you during the call—if they even show up, at all.

So, remember that it’s important to pre-frame your client calls before having them.

And when you do, be careful with your choice of words.

Don’t make the call all about you and what you can do.

Instead, make it about your client and what they stand to gain after taking your call.


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