Play to Significance

Humans are fascinating creatures.

We all seek significance.

And none more so than a potential future client signing up to your next event.

Last time I shared with you the importance of having a VIP bump page in your event funnel.

Today, let's get our hands dirty with the page itself.

It's not good enough just to have a checkout with the VIP offer and price (trust me, I made this mistake).

The VIP bump page in your funnel has to be a killer sales page that.

With only ONE outcome in mind...

And that's getting people to buy the bump.

You have to demonstrate how important it is for the attendee to get their VIP Pass.

And why they must have it.

You also have to make sure you price it cheaply enough that it won't break the bank.

$27- $47 is a good range. Ours are $47.

It's a great micro-offer.

The rest is pretty straight forward.

You use your epic copywriting skills (or hire someone) to create some more desire.

And to indoctrinate the attendee into your VIP pass - such that they feel significant, that they need it and that it will benefit them.

Essentially, you're playing to their ego a bit.

And you need to SELL IT.

Your VIP offer should be SO valuable, that people think "Jesus I'd be a fool not to take them up."

And your copy needs to reflect that.

A good guide, if your event is free is to give a few thousand dollars of value in the VIP offer for the low price.

Or if your event is paid, you want the VIP offer to be valued at more than double what they paid for the event... so that the extra $47 seems like a no brainer.

Design wise - you follow the same premise as your main event sales page.

1. Hook

2. Video

3. Purchase link

All above the fold so that they can make the decision quickly.

And then all of your sales copy for the VIP detailing what they get etc below that.

Now, if someone doesn't want the VIP?

You hike that little link somewhere obscure down the bottom so it doesn't even seem like an option for them not to do it.

That's not evil, it's just design.

If you do this right - you'll get lots of VIPs, cover some of your ad spend and have a good list of warm prospects for you and your sales team to engage with pre and post event.



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