Page Design Elements

The prospect’s experience is one of the biggest buying drivers.

Yet, everyone’s focused too much on the client experience.

But if you’re not giving prospects what they want…

You won’t have any clients!

So, how do you ensure a smooth transition through the funnel?

By using the proper pages and design elements:

- The application page

- The booking page

- The “thank you” page

Now, how you design these pages is very important.

You need to know a couple of elements to give your prospects the best experience and increase your chances of selling.

Today, I’ll share these elements with you.

#1. Application Page Elements

Use a video on your application page. It’s a perfect opportunity to sell the next stage, basically selling the call.

Then, you’ll want an actual application form. You can find many online templates that you can customise for your business and then import into your page.

The final element is a social proof section. It’s where you’ll put reviews and testimonials.

#2. Booking Page Design

You don’t need a complicated booking page. It should always be simple, elegant, and easy for prospects to navigate.

Also, keep in mind that you should limit your calendar to four days max. You don’t want them to book the call beyond that. This will create an urgency that motivates prospects to take action.

#3. “Thank You” Page

Once again, you’ll want to create a short video. People respond better to personalised video content.

Then, the next important element is the invitation. And multiple invitations work better.


You don’t want to cut off all interaction between booking the call and having the call.

Use the thank you page to extend an invitation to download a free resource, join a group, etc. Give prospects opportunities to stay tuned to your content to increase your chances of selling.

Once you have these three pages down to the last detail, your funnel is essentially complete. 

But remember that the devil is in the details. And each element I’ve shared today, no matter how small, makes a significant impact.


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