One Person Showed

The first time I ran an online event in 2019, only 1 person showed up.

Yet, despite only that one person showing up (or maybe in spite of)… I still delivered my planned content.

And the wildest thing happened…

I signed them as a client.

Last weekend - we had 300 people register for our two day IMPACT Scaling Summit.

Over the past few years we’ve learned a tonne about putting on great events.

I ran seminars around Australia.

I’ve run so many webinars I can’t even count.

And in 2020 I had events scheduled all over Australia and the world.

I was going to be on the road for 36 weeks that year!

Then the world fundamentally shifted on it’s axis.

And overnight my dreams of filling stages globally were shattered.

I had to cancel bookings at conference centres and lost a stack of money.

We went to ground, servicing our clients to make sure they could thrive in the chaos.

They did.

And then put on our first big multi-day virtual event.

I closed $1M at that event.

And haven’t looked back since.

In the past year, I’ve sold over $3.5M from virtual stages.

And we’ve created ten 7 figure coaches, most of them from using our event strategies in some form.

I’ve lost count of how many 6 figure events our clients have had.

This year we’re helping even more businesses and broadening the scope of who we help.

We help business owners scale with inspiring million dollar virtual events.

The reality is that while we might all be dreaming for a day when we can meet in person again…

It’s still fraught with risk for event organisers.

You only have to look at the number of flight cancellations a day at the moment in the USA to see the implications for attendees trying to get to a city for an event.

Not to mention if you create a super spreading event as the host.

And with the technical disruption of the metaverse…

Only businesses with a tight virtual event strategy will be able to create transformational sales experiences for their market in the years ahead.

In person will come back. But it will need to be hybrid to cater for a changed world.

And unless you nail your virtual event strategy now.

You will fall behind.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing more with you about how you can create inspiring million dollar virtual events too.


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