Most Coaches Fuck Up Hiring Team Members

Look nobody gave you a roadmap for this.

It’s your first time building a team or at least the first time in this industry.

And chances are you’re probably hiring too late, doing a rush job of it in desperation because something in the business broke…

Which will likely lead to you cocking it all up even more.

I’ve been leading and managing teams for over 15 years and I see new leaders make these same mistakes over and over again.

It’s even more pronounced in this industry because of how green most coaches are to leadership.

Deciding who to hire and when is a critical skill as you navigate your journey from solopreneur to entrepreneur and CEO.

Again, this is one of those moments where prior planning prevents piss poor performance.

Enter the future org chart.

At any given time in my business, I know the people that I will need to hire to get to my next business goal.

Right now, I have an org chart with every single person I currently have and the positions I need to fill to get to $5m a year in revenue.

And you should too.

But that’s just the start… knowing what positions you need to fill is one thing.

But what about when?

When is the right moment to do it?


When you can comfortably afford half their wage.

Why? Because they’ll make up the difference in either a) efficiencies that give you your time back or b) new revenue.

There’s a final element here that you should consider.

Hiring out of desperation is dangerous.

If you’re relying on one person to be your “saviour” then you have bigger problems than just one hire.

Anyone who you throw into your team in a moment of chaos isn’t going to get the best onboarding experience.

And I’ve seen countless CEO’s think that one hire is going to be the salve to their wounds.

Only to find out that the person doesn’t perform, or quits… because of the cluster fuck they walked into.

But if you already know in advance who you are going to hire and when, then for the most part you can avoid this.

Word of warning though: unplanned exits from your business can cripple you just as much as hiring too late.

So it’s important to build in redundancies like cross trained team members, succession planning and building a world class working environment that frankly no one ever wants to leave.

Team culture and working environment is a whole other kettle of fish for another day.

For now, I’d suggest you start building that future org chart.

And if you have absolutely no idea where to start - hit me up and I’ll point you in the right direction.


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