Know Your Worth

Believe in what you’re capable of.

Do all of that…

…and I’m certain clients will believe in you, too.

If you’re struggling to handle a cost objection…

If you don’t know how to justify the price of your coaching services…

Or if you’re not sure how to introduce your price correctly…

Then this email is for you.

I want to introduce you to one of my coaching clients named Brian.

Brian was able to find a way to introduce his pricing…

While handling his client’s pricing concern.

You see, Brian’s client was interested in becoming a coach himself.

The thing was…

Brian’s client said that he’s going to start by charging just $5 an hour for his coaching. 

As you may know, this is already a problem.

And the reality is that many newbie coaches like him end up undercharging their services.

So, this was Brian’s reply:

“Well, that’s definitely not what I charge.”

And he proceeded to ask: 

“Why don’t you think you’re worth more?”

Brian’s client then claimed he knows that he’s probably worth more… But his clients don’t. 

Then, Brian delivered a truth bomb:

“Your clients are never going to know your worth until they start working with you. If you want to actually get results in your business, then you need to believe you’re worth more than just $5.”

Brian also handled any other objection that his client had by saying this:

“If you want to have a second call, I know I can help you. But if you're not ready to move forward, I understand.”

In the end, of course, his client signed up!

There are lots of lessons you can learn from Brian’s story.

But the main thing that I want you to pick up from it is this:

Know your worth.

Do not ever low-ball yourself.

You’ve committed to mastering a coaching business that could help people solve various problems…

And that’s definitely more than just $5 an hour!

So, own your worth in the call.

Be really, really clear about it.


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