Invite objections from your clients

Dealing with client objections… is actually not the most difficult thing to do.

Because if you’re able to pre-handle objections before a sales call…

You’ll be able to obliterate them the moment your client brings them up.

But here’s the thing…

What if your prospect never brings them up during the call?

Let’s say you’re in a sales call with a prospect.

And you can sense their hesitation to take you up on your offer because they’re not sure they can afford it. 

Now, money is a common external objection. One that you’re surely equipped to handle at this point. 

But if the other person doesn’t actually tell you…

“Hey, here’s the thing, your offer seems a bit expensive for me now…”

What do you do?

Well, my advice is that you should actually invite your clients to make those objections.

Now, how do you do that?

One way is to provide them with a resource that speaks about their objection.

For example, it can be a 60-minute video directly talking about their situation. 

That video can show that making significant investments in their business now…

…can actually put them on the path to having more financial freedom in the future.

Then, on the actual call, you can refer back to the video…

Ask their thoughts about it…

And give them an opening to talk about their objections on their own. 

This way, you can frame the conversation in such a way that all objections are laid out on the table.

In effect, you can frame a pitch that sufficiently handles your clients’ objections.

Now, I know many coaches would rather not hear client objections.

But just because your client doesn’t bring them up doesn’t mean those objections don’t exist. 

And if you don’t invite the opportunity for your clients to share their objections…

Then you’re not creating a safe environment for them in your sales calls!

So, don’t be afraid to invite objections from your clients.

The more you know, the better you can handle them, anyway.


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