Inspire Your Prospects With the Help of Past Clients

Do you find it hard to convince prospects that your solutions work?

I get it.

Some clients are so committed to their own objections, they can’t see what they’re giving up by not working with you.

Well, what you have to do in this situation is widen your clients’ horizons a bit.

Let me explain.

The truth is that every objection in the book results in a trade-off.

For instance, if someone says they can’t afford to enlist your help right now…

It means they’re trading off their buffer for future growth. 

So now, you’ve got to make them realise all that using the following four-step approach:

Step #1: Make sure they’re okay with the trade-off they’re making.

You can start with repeating their objection back to them, like:

“Hey, I heard you say that you can’t afford the money right now because it would deplete your buffer and you wouldn’t feel safe. Is that right?”

Step #2: Validate their concerns

It’s important that you make the prospect feel heard.

So, you can validate their worries by saying something like:

“Thanks for sharing so much with me. I totally understand how nervous you feel when you’ve only got a little safety net behind you.”

Step #3: Shift their beliefs

Validating someone’s concern doesn’t mean you’re surrendering the sale.

Remember that you’ve got a product or a service that can completely change your client’s life.

So, continue by shifting their beliefs by saying something like:

“I understand your concern, but I also hear how you want to grow and build your business. That’s why reinvesting in your business will actually help you.”

This is where you highlight that the benefit they stand to gain from working with you is greater than their objection.

Step #4: Inspire action by talking about your past clients

To seal the deal, give an example of a client who started out in a similar situation your prospect is in right now.

It should be a story that they will find inspirational. 

Then, talk about how your solutions have worked wonders for that client.

So, by widening your prospect’s horizons, you can help them see beyond their own objections…

And show them the way to where they really want to go.


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