How to Make a Cold Lead Red Hot and Ready to Buy

Finding qualified leads is hard work.


It’s not if you have the right infrastructure to help you.

About 12 months ago we we noticed an increase in unqualified leads on our sales team’s calendar.

Some of these leads weren’t even coaches!

We thought we’d done a good job filtering in chat and with our ads… but our team was getting frustrated and I was getting annoyed that our conversion had dropped.

So we went about creating a bulletproof booking process.

And the Indoctrination Funnel was born.

The outcome was simple: weed out time wasters and only put red hot leads on my sales team’s calendar.

Easy, right?

Not at first.

But eventually, through trial and error we built a slick funnel that did the trick.

The first thing you will see when you book an appointment with us is a video from me on the application page.

This video is designed to ensure that you feel comfortable, that you’re in the right place and also frames up what you’re about to do.

Then, there’s an application - this part is crucial, because there’s logic built in that won’t even put some people on our calendar (depending on their answers).

We use the application to weed out unqualified leads.

Then below the application we have a tonne of social proof - testimonials from clients and screenshots of client results.

Each one is carefully curated to handle a specific objection that someone might have to joining one of our programs.

Then once you’ve applied, you get to choose a time and book in.

And finally you go to a thank you page with another video from me outlining next steps.

Below that there’s some amazing free resources to help you out between when you book and when your call is.

And there’s some additional social proof to reinforce that you’ve made an excellent decision.

The entire time you’re constantly being told you’re on the right place and it’s rammed home by targeted imagery, videos and resources.

Since we implemented the Indoctrination, it’s very rare that anyone will ever get on my sales team’s calendar that isn’t qualified.

And everyone is usually warmed up and ready to buy by the time they get on the call with us.

There’s a specific art and science to putting all of this together which we teach out clients.

If it sounds like something you need - just type INDOCTRINATION below and I’ll show you how you can implement too.

But first you’ll have to go through our Indoctrination Funnel to get on our calendar 😉


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