How to Deal with Highly Satisfied Prospects

Ever pitched a sale to someone who’s already satisfied with their lives?

It’s tough, right?

After all, we’ve gotten so used to dealing with prospects who are not yet successful. 

Those who have deep pains… 

Pains we can strive to understand…

And pains we can solve using our products and services.

But what do you do when you’re speaking to someone who’s not in pain?

Say, you have an offer that you know can take your prospect’s life or business to the next level.

Then, when you hop on a sales call with them…

They hit you with something like…

“I’ve already come this far without your help. And I’m pretty happy with how successful I am right now.”

So, how do you help someone who doesn’t even feel like they need your help?

Well, what you need to do is create tension. 

Excite your prospect with the idea of achieving more in their business.

Because no matter how satisfied they might be right now, there’s surely a next level they’d love to reach in the future. 

Your job is to make them realise that with your help, they can start working on reaching that next level…


By giving your prospect something to get excited about, you’re interrupting their satisfaction with tension. 

As a result, they’ll be more receptive to what you’re offering.

So, whenever you meet a prospective client who’s too satisfied to enlist your help…

Start with acknowledging what they’ve achieved so far. 

Give them a sense of significance for their success. 

Then, ask them a simple question that will create tension in their minds:

“I hear that you’re happy with what you’ve achieved so far. And indeed, you’ve done quite a lot. But let me ask you this: Are you done? Is this really the pinnacle of success for you?”


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