How to Carve Up Your Content

As you scale, you’ll find you have less time to do important things like writing great copy.

You start getting pulled in every direction - team needing time, clients needing time, vendors needing time, colleagues and peers wanting to book you…

It’s like everyone wants a piece of you.

And yet the one thing that you need to be doing consistently to get clients is producing great content.

So how the hell do you manage this and the billion other demands on your time?

Enter the Content Carve Up™.

After I made my first 7 figures, I noticed that I had less and less time to do the one thing that I loved doing most in my business… writing content.

I’m a writer at heart - love the power of words to communicate and am damn good at it.

My three weapons are speech, word and song.

But I was finding less and less space to get into my creative zone and as such, my lead flow was drying up.

Then, on a 15 hour flight from Sydney to LA I came up with the most epic system to help me produce content on Auto-Pilot.

The best part?

Once I’d figured it out and systemised it… I was able to teach it to my clients.

And then, ultimately to my team.

Now, I love writing copy so I’ll never fully give it up… but I bet you didn’t even know that some of the stuff I put out is no longer written by me!

As the plane took off, I settled in and started scheming.

What I produced was incredible.

In less than 90 minutes I’d mapped out an entire years worth of content.

And it was all written by the end of the flight.

The concept is pretty simple…

First, you take your signature system - your special framework to get your clients results.

In this instance I used the IMPACT Model that we teach baby coaches who are just starting out.

There’s 6 steps to this process.

Then, I wrote down the top three things that people need to know about each step.

And then I came up with three content ideas for each of those three things.

Suddenly I had 54 super clear, hyper relevant and useful pieces of content planned.

In less than 90 mins!

Now, we teach our clients to put out 3 pieces of content a week.

But usually only 1-2 of those are problem solving posts.

Doing the math here, you’re probably thinking “Well you only have 54 pieces of content Brody.”

True. I do.

But that’s all I needed.

Because even if I was to use 2 of those pieces of content a week and then do a mix of CTA’s and something we call a Hero post for the other pieces…

I’d easily have 6 months worth of content.

So what do you do at the end of six months?

Re-use the same content with a different picture and a new hook.

You see the reality is that most people aren’t going to remember some piece of content you put out six months ago.

And you’ll have tonnes of new connections that haven’t seen it anyway.

By the end of that flight, I’d written all 54 pieces of content.

And then for the next year - I didn’t write a single new piece of content.

The best part?

That year we grew the business more than 200%.

With the same content on repeat.

Now these days I don’t even have to write the content if I don’t want to - I’ve got enough systems in place and trained the right people that it could all happen on auto-pilot without me.

You can even hire companies to write your content too.

I’ll always use a mix of all three… mostly because I love writing and I don’t think I’ll ever fully be able to give it up.

(There’s also this super cool AI I’m about to start playing with called Jarvis that can write all of your content for you too! Crazy!)

But as you scale, you should implement something like the Content Carve Up™ (which of course we have a training for) to reduce the amount of hours you spend writing content.

And then you should systemise it so that you never have to write another piece again if you don’t want to.


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