Hook, Line, and Sinker

Getting people to sign up to a virtual event is hard work.

Said everyone who doesn’t understand marketing.

For people to hand over their email address and phone number and come to your virtual event…

You’ve got to establish why spending that time with you could be the best hours of their life.

And what’s at stake if they don’t.

There’s three parts to getting people to show up to your event.

  1. Filling your funnel.
  2. Warming them up via email (or in a private event FB group, preferably both) and…
  3. Getting their bums on virtual seats (ie. showing up on Zoom).

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to dive into each one in depth.

But first… a word about desire.

Everyone has something they want to avoid.

And something they want.

And usually something stopping them from getting it.

So, when thinking about marketing your event (or anything in your business for that matter)…

The first thing you need to come up with is a compelling reason for people to sit in front of their computer for hours/days on end with you.

At home, with all its distractions.

And with competing demands (kids, pets, chores, partners… etc).

The reality is, simply saying “COME TO MY FREE EVENT” doesn’t work anymore.

And so, we use a powerful 3 step funnel to create that desire.

And demonstrate why people should come to the event.

In spite of all of their competing demands.

Enter Part 1: the Million Dollar Event Hook™.

The premise is simple really… and stolen in part from Hormozi.

(A note about stealing stuff from other people… anyone who tells you that what they are doing is original is a liar. Every marketer learnt their shit from someone.

It’s important to acknowledge when you‘ve been inspired by someone else’s stuff. And do your best to make it your own too. But if you’re not crediting your source… you’re a dick and you’re what’s wrong with our industry. But I digress…)

Where were we? Oh right… the MDEH! 


Here’s the basic formula


Or as I like to call it… the Hook, Line & Sinker™

The Hook is what they want… their desire or dream outcome.

The line is what draws them in because it describes what they don’t want in vivid detail and they’re like “Shit that’s me!”)

And the sinker is the thing that rams it all home by combatting the conversation that’s already happening in their head (ie. why they think it can’t be done).

Need help with your hooks?

Tune in to my next post for a breakdown & some practice.


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