Group Coaching Fundamentals

You can never give your clients enough information!

And yet, too many coaches are afraid to give value. 

They’re scared people will leave… 

But it doesn’t work like that.

You see, clients won’t drop out if you overwhelm them with knowledge.

Here’s what will actually make them leave: 

If you don’t have a good group coaching program structure!

That said, follow these two principles and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Principle #1: Foundational Knowledge

Many coaches usually introduce clients to their program with a six-week course. It’s the first interaction with clients where they can share their foundational knowledge. 

And this is also where most coaches start stressing.

But here’s the thing… 

You can offer the foundational knowledge of everything you teach, even in your upper programs.

Foundational knowledge, or the building blocks, aren’t enough to make your clients experts. Nor is it enough to facilitate skill development or rapid implementation.

No matter how in-depth you make your course, your clients will still need your upper programs.

Principle #2: Monthly Skill Development

After your clients understand what they need to do to succeed, it’s time to build upon that foundational knowledge.

Now, I personally like to pick a specific skill from my course. 

Then, after the course, I dedicate one month to that particular skill. For instance, you can do skill sessions, mastermind calls, Q&As, whatever else fits your coaching style.

The critical thing to remember is this:

Clients only leave when they have more than enough information or aren’t getting any value anymore. Thus, you shouldn’t fear giving your clients the building blocks and foundational knowledge of your signature system.

How you expand on that will be the differentiator.

The Lesson

As a coach, your job is to educate and assist with the implementation of your signature system. 

To provide an outstanding educational experience, you must always start with the basics. And then, go into great detail about each step that makes your program generate results and impact your clients’ lives.


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