Funnel Hacks

If you're serious about filling your event with red hot, ready to buy leads...

Then you need a killer event funnel.

There's an art and science to this, so listen up cowgirl... this is important!

We use a three stage funnel.

It's quite simple

  1. Sales Page
  2. VIP Bump
  3. Thank You Page

Now, I've seen thousands of event funnels over the past few years.

And quite frankly (with all due respect) most of them are complete clusterfucks.

They're complex, have too many options for the viewer.

And they don't have a clear pathway to the end result.

This is the most important thing you need to understand about designing a funnel for an event...

You are NOT selling your offer.

You are only selling the NEXT stage of the page they are currently on.

(This is actually the same for anything in sales: you are ONLY selling the next logical step.)

So, for the sales page - the only thing you are selling is event registration/sign ups.

And everything on that page MUST be with that end in mind.

By doing everything you can to drive someone to provide you with their name, phone number and email address.

The only goal of the VIP page is to sell the VIP Upgrade Offer (more on this another time).

And the only goal of the thank you page is to make sure people feel good about registering and immediately block out their calendar.

That's it.

Now of course, each page has its own intricacies.

But if you're trying to sell the whole house before you've laid the foundations.

You won't even get your ideal client through the front door.

Get it?


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