Freed from Desire

In my last post, I shared about the importance of a powerful hook in your event marketing.

Today I want to show you how to do it.

A quick recap:

Everyone has things they are moving towards and things they are moving away from.

Desires, if you will.

And how you tap into those desires is with the Million Dollar Event Hook™

Here’s the basic formula


Or as I like to call it… the Hook, Line & Sinker™ (check my last post for a full explanation of this).

So let’s start with an example for my upcoming event on virtual events.

Title: Million Dollar Event Summit

Hook: How to sell $1m from stage at your next virtual event

Line: Without breaking yourself, your team or your business

Sinker: Even if your audience is zoom fatigued and ready to throw their computer against the wall if they have to attend another online event.

Or a lead magnet I might produce in future…

Title: Virtual Event Show Up Formula™

Hook: How to fill your virtual event with hungry, qualified, ready to buy leads

Line: Without having to worry about no shows and cancellations

Sinker: Even if you you don’t have a large ad budget (or if you do, but your CPL has blown out and you’ve already sold your first born to Zuck)

Naturally - both of these make you feel like “shit I need this.”

And scrambling to sign up or opt in.

The trick is to remember that as with anything in marketing it’s all about desire.

There’s a song called Freed From Desire (really showing my age here) that you should listen to that sums all this up nicely.

(Please play it now. You’re welcome)

It goes a little like this:

“My love has got no money

He's got his strong beliefs

My love has got no power

He's got his strong beliefs”

And in the chorus

“Want more and more

People just want more and more

Freedom and love

What he's looking for

Freed from desire

Mind and senses purified

Freed from desire

Mind and senses purified”

My point?

Demonstrate how you can free people from their desires.

Challenge their strong beliefs about whether or not what they want more of is possible.

Craft a compelling Million Dollar Event Hook™ that shows them that they can be freed from their current shitty circumstances.

And people will gladly click through to look at your funnel.

Now you need to get them to register.

I’ll address how to do that soon.

But I put the song on before (and it’s a banger) so now I’m over here having a bit of a boogie 🕺 

“Na na na na na na na na na na na na na”

Stay tuned, next time I’ll share with you my Million Dollar Event Funnel: How to create a kickass three step funnel to increase registrations for your virtual event (without spending hours designing a shitty funnel, even if you have no idea how to code).

Hooked? See you soon!


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