Every Strategy Out There Works

I can almost guarantee it.

But that doesn’t mean every strategy will work for you.

Something I think is missing from the discussion in our industry is strategy alignment.

For a strategy to work you have to be in alignment with it.

And 9 times out of 10 when I see someone who isn’t succeeding it’s usually because of this.

The reality is that Bingo Bob’s wicked funnel strategy worked for Bob, but will it work for you?


There’s two factors at play when implementing any strategy.

First is you and second is the support you get around implementing it.

You bring your work ethic, limiting beliefs and life experience to the table.

They can all either work for you or work against you.

For most people, they actively work against them being successful.

That’s why you constantly need to be doing deep inner work to become a better leader in your business.

As well as constantly re-tooling your skillset with high income skills (like copywriting, chatting in DM’s, sales and coaching).

And then the coach introducing you to their strategy brings their infrastructure to the table too.

There’s them, their team and their internal systems and processes.

Let’s talk about the level of support needed for you (and your clients) to be successful…

I believe that every program needs a mix of group coaching and 1:1 time.

The groupthink of a group coaching program is infinitely superior to 1:1.

It’s simple really - many minds are better than just one or two minds at solving a problem.

Community also creates cohesion - we are tribal people after all.

The community does a lot of the work for the coach. 

And a strong peer group is one of the biggest determinants of success in all areas of life.

But sometimes you just need that little bit of extra 1:1 support to clear out the cobwebs and move you along too.

Which is why across all of our programs, while the main focus is group coaching we also offer 1:1 support (unlimited 1:1 support in our upper two programs Beyond and Proximity too!).

As you grow and scale your business to 7 figures you should start to consider how you’re building this out for your clients too.

(If you’re not at six figures yet I wouldn’t bother with this yet).

But don’t fall into this trap…

Just because you offer 1:1 does not mean you should be the one on those 1:1 sessions.

That’s really bad for scaling because your time is not leveraged.

Hire an incredible coach who’s sole job is to get clients results.

Give them one metric: client results.

Their only job is to help the client implement your strategy in the right way for them, in their business/life at their current stage of growth.

And watch the magic unfold.

Your clients will thank you for it. (And they’ll stick around.)

Your bank balance will thank you too…


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