Don’t Forget Negative Client Examples

Struggling with a time-based client objection?

That’s a tough one to crack. 

Whether you’re offering a year-long training…

A six-week course…

Or a plug-and-play system they can implement in a day…

It’s pretty hard to convince someone that they do have the time to make a change when they’re so convinced they don’t. 

In these cases, you might be tempted to use success stories from your past clients. 

…But that won’t be a very effective strategy.


Because it does nothing to obliterate their time-based objection!

If you simply talk about a past client who took you up on your offer and is now experiencing great results because of that decision…

Your prospect will just be sitting there, thinking:

“Well, good for your past client that they have the time to do all that. But I don’t.”

So, let me offer a stronger alternative:

Negative client examples.

You can talk about a prospect who once rejected your offer and thus remained stuck in their painful situations.

That spiel could go a little something like this:

“Actually, you remind me of a person I spoke to a couple of months ago. They had a lot of problems in their business/life, but they insisted they didn’t have the time to train under my six-week program. So, they rejected my offer.

But I checked in on them recently and they’re still stuck with those same problems!

If they had acted quick and made the time for my six-week program months ago, they would be in a much better situation now.”

Needless to say, you just have to make this spiel more personal. 

Talk about the specifics of what your former prospect struggled with.

Specify the program you’re trying to offer.

And make sure you find a negative client example that your current prospect will resonate with.


You’ve got to make prospects realise that they CAN find the time to work with you now.

Because the alternative is much worse.

After all, no one wants to get stuck dealing with the same pains for a long time.


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