How to Create a Movement and Build a Tribe of People Listening Intently to Everything You Have to Say

The old niches just don’t work anymore.

You can’t just call yourself a life coach or a mindset coach.

Sorry but they are not niches #notsorry

Sure, they give some idea of what you do for a living.

But you watch people’s eyes glaze over when you tell them that’s what you do.

It means nothing to your audience.

We get our clients to use an elevator pitch to hook their ideal client on their profile.

And it starts, by calling them out directly.

That gets their attention.

Then you need to describe their pain so that they’re like “shit that’s me!”

And finally you pain a picture of the result that’s available to them by working with you…

Or as I like to call it, the promised land.

There’s a simple formula that we teach our coaches to do this effectively.

We call it the Pitch Perfect Elevator Pitch™

“I help PEOPLE (describe niche) with PAIN POINT (the shit that keeps them up at night) to get PROMISED LAND (where they’d rather be).”

Upon reading this, your prospects should breathe a sigh of relief.

FINALLY! Someone who can help me.

Take a look at my current one…

I help coaches scale faster for more impact.

Coaches are the PEOPLE we help (our niche).

The PAIN POINT (shit that keeps you up at night) is that your business isn’t scaling fast enough.

And the PROMISED LAND (where you’d rather be) is a business that scales quickly so that you can have more impact (ie. more clients).

The message is clear.

If you’re a coach and you want more clients, I can help.

And if you’re driven by wanting to have a genuine impact on people’s lives without being like every other coach trying to flog you something online.

Then we can help you.

We’re in the impact game.

And to have the kind of impact you want - you need more clients.

Now an elevator pitch is just one part of the process - it’s not a panacea.

But if your ideal client can’t tell that you can help them with their problem within a hot minute of looking at your profile.

If you don’t call them out and say HEY YOU!

“I help people just like you get from where you are to where you want to be.”

Then they won’t be inspired to look at your content.

And it’s unlikely they’ll end up as a client.

They’ll simply move on to the next person.

And that’s definitely not what you want, is it?

If you’d like some help crafting the perfect elevator pitch...

I’m about to drop the awesome framework we give our clients to craft theirs over in my free group.

If you’d like a copy, just DM me the word PITCH and I’ll send you deets!