To Sell or Not to Sell

To sell, or not to sell…

That is the question.

A sales process got me into the best rehab in the country when I overdosed and nearly died.

A sales process has allowed 150 people to go from their bloodsucking, unfulfilling day jobs to thriving coaching businesses in our programs in the past 12 months.

A sales process is responsible for their client’s transformations - from addictions, to suicidal ideation to depression… the list goes on.

You name it… behind every big turnaround in a person’s life you will usually find a sales process of some description.

Realising this is what made the difference for my client MG, who came to me for support with her sales mindset.

When she finally embodied that…

When she got that sales was an act of service of the highest order…

Then it started to rain.

She had her best month ever in her business immediately after finishing our six figure coach program, Zero to Hero.

90% of all coaches I’ve brought into our program have had sales or money blocks.

Heck, I was my first client and every hair on my body stood on its end, with my spine chilling every time I had to ask for the sale.

It was horrible.

Now, there’s a lot of people out there peddling scripts saying they will help you close more clients.

One prospect I spoke to recently told me she only wanted to buy my script and nothing else.

I politely declined.

Sales begins well before you get a prospect on the phone with you.

In fact it begins well before they prospect even knows who you are.

That’s why our program is structured the way it is over six weeks.

You need weeks 1-4 before you can get to week 5 when we give you the script.

And our script is fucking amazing, don’t get me wrong.

One of my clients maintained a 100% close rate for months on it and I still have about an 80% close rate with the same framework.

But your ability to sell effectively ultimately has nothing to do with a script and everything to do with what comes before the script (what I’ve been sharing over the past 5 weeks).

And… it comes down to your CERTAINTY.

In order to sell people into your program, the only thing that truly matters on that call is your certainty.

The only thing really standing between you and your next paid client is YOU.

How you tackle that sales call (we call them impact calls) or strategy session is entirely dependent on your mindset going into the call.

And it’s got nothing to do with tactics or strategies that some supposed sales guru wants to shove down your throat.

There’s no hard close. There’s no manipulation.

Just a straight up conversation about your prospect, their current situation and their desired situation…

With you conveniently placed in between the two with absolute certainty that you can help them help themselves to get their desired result.

No tricks. No gimmicks.

Just a powerful call that makes them want to naturally hand over their credit card to you at the end.

And that’s what you want, isn’t it?

Next week I’ll show you how to “UNF*%CK Your Sales” and make it rain.