3 Principles of Building a Team

You can’t be a slave to your business.

You’re either working on it or in it… but only the former will make you truly successful.

But how can you serve your clients and your business at the same time?

There’s a one-word answer for this:


You have to start building a team to manage clients and your business if you ever want independence.

Since I know this is hard to do, let me share three principles to make your job easier.

Principle #1: Start With the “Why”

The biggest filter is your “why.”

Your “why” is the mission…

Your “why” is your power…

Your “why” is what helps you turn purpose into profit… 

Clarify that and you’ll create an amazing team.

Principle #2: Be Expansive With Your Vision

Do you want your team to help you build a successful business?

Then don’t limit your vision.

Now, being expansive with it means staying open to new ideas. 

So, allow and even empower your team to contribute and come up with ways to do things better. Don’t assume you always have all the answers.

The goal is to build a team, not institute a dictatorship.

Principle #3: Stick to Your Values

Many coaches compromise their values in business.

It can happen for various reasons even though they’re rarely, if ever, well-founded.

That said, always strive to operate from a strong value proposition in terms of values. It’s the only way to get your team to stick to the same values.

If you lead by example… your team will have its roadmap. 

If you stray… they’re likely to do the same.

Applying these principles is a lot like setting a decision doctrine in your business.

If your team is ever unsure about doing something, they have something to fall back on - they go back to the mission, vision, and values.

As a result, they won’t have to question or ask for your help every step of the way.

Remember, much of the team-building process comes down to your ability as a leader. That’s why you have to identify the right individuals and create an environment in which they can operate in synergy.

Nail these three principles, and in my next email, I’ll share two more crucial aspects to building your team.


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