6 Weeks to 6 Figures

Find Your Niche, Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Master the Science of Getting High Ticket Coaching Clients

Hi, I’m Brody Lee. Over the past two years, I’ve helped hundreds of coaches make an impact on their client’s lives - while significantly boosting their income and independence.

We provide the step-by-step plan, tools and support to generate more targeted leads and convert them into clients… so you can crack the six figure code, and even scale beyond the six and seven figure barrier by moving from 1:1 to one to many coaching without hustling at night or on weekends.

After working with over hundreds of coaches, I have found there are five roadblocks most struggle with on this journey. What’s your single biggest challenge right now? 

Sounds Too Good to be True, Doesn’t it?

Can You Actually Make Six Figures in Six Weeks? 

In short, yes. One of my clients did it in 6 weeks. Another in 7 weeks.

Now I’m not promising you’ll reach $100,000 in 6 weeks (everyone is different), but if you’re hungry you might just break their records like they broke mine...

It's possible, however, to reach the month on month equivalent or more (and we back it up with an epic "You Can't Fail Guarantee"), which works out to a weekly income of $1923.07 ($100,000 divided by 52).

For instance, I hit $40k in my first month…

And within 10 weeks, I had generated over $100,000 in revenue. 

I was on fire. At that moment I knew this was the vehicle that would allow me to have a massive impact on the world...

Coaching is Your Opportunity to Make a Dent on the Universe

The real secret to living is giving, and there’s nothing quite like the feeling of knowing you’re leaving a real legacy,  making a difference and serving a greater purpose.

That’s why IMPACT is at the core of my approach…

For instance, one of my proudest achievements is helping the two of my clients I mentioned before break my record, and reaching six figures in six and seven weeks (yes, that equates to an average of $14,285.71 per week). And we've also had well over a million impacts across all of our philanthropic work - because what we do says who we are.

I’d like to help you surpass your expectations too.

It can be done, and I want to help you to dispel with the notion that income, wealth and money are dirty words. You deserve to be paid handsomely for what you do, and It’s possible to live an abundant, free and independent life right now without breaking your back working a 9-5 job for a company you hate.

You too can be like the more than 120 coaches we've helped to make their first $10k month and the 35 coaches we've helped crack 6 figures in the last 12 months alone. 

Here’s What the World’s Sharpest Coaches Say About
Brody Lee’s 'High Ticket' IMPACT MODEL™

"I went from being on the verge of bankruptcy to 6 figures in just 6 weeks."


"Before working with Brody we'd hit a ceiling in our business and didn't know what to do. In just 5 months we've made half a million dollars!"


"I pivoted out of my 9-5 and in just 7 weeks I made $100k and was able to retire my husband!"

Veronica Karas

"I had no clarity around my niche and in just one conversation with Brody we handled it and then I made $50k in a week"


"I was totally green to the coaching industry and felt like an imposter. $150k in 3 months!"


"I was flying blind and had zero strategy. Brody showed me the exact steps - I made $120k in 6 months & $40k in the last month."


About Brody

Before building my 6-figure coaching business in just 10 weeks, and then creating a multi-seven figure global enterprise, I went through hell.

I won’t bore you with the details, however the short version is I was sexually abused as a child, lost my hearing, and had a daily meth addiction for 6 years (the long version of this is in the About Brody of the site.

Following this, I moved to Canada to clean myself up and start moving my life forward again via a hands-on, baptism by fire style business education that would take college business graduates decades to achieve - eventually being given the reins of a national project to coach, train and develop Apple’s leadership and executive teams.

Then I had a second breakdown. It was brutal, but I pulled through it and became obsessed with figuring out my mind, body and spirit - whilst learning and growing into a new future.

And yet, I could only do so much by myself. So after a couple of years working on my own self development and coaching, and with the right support and help, I was able to develop the 6 step IMPACT Model™ critical for the success of any coach.

Using this model, I have helped over 120 coaches breakthrough both the 6 (and many of them well on their way to 7) figure barrier including the dozens of case studies you’ll see throughout this website.

More importantly, this process gave them independence to live a life by their design - not some corporate overlord. They didn’t achieve these results from working more hours. They don’t work evenings or weekends (unless of course, they want to), so they have plenty of time to spend with their family.

And these coaches are in every market you can imagine - health, wealth, relationships… you name it! They earn anywhere from $10000 if they’re just doing it as a side hustle to more than $1000000 per year. And you can too! To see if I can help you get more clients, master your mindset, define your niche, differentiate yourself, and scale your coaching business, click below and let’s go! 

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