Structuring a Mastermind Call

One person won’t hold all the answers.

And the biggest problems in the world are solved through collective brainstorming.

Why do you need to know this?

As a coach, you have to solve your client’s problems.

That’s why in group coaching, it’s necessary to implement mastermind calls.

Think of it as many minds attacking the problem… 

And the crucial idea is that everyone shares their two cents!

Mastermind calls are vital for educating and nurturing your community. That’s why today, I’ll share four tips on how to structure your call.

Tip #1 - Start With Group Sharing

You can always begin a call by having your clients share success stories or problems they’re experiencing in their businesses.

As they do that, you can write things down.

Then, assign specific issues to each person on the call to know where everyone’s at.

Get through everyone before taking the call further.

Tip #2 - Don’t Make it a Queue

One of the most common mistakes in mastermind calls is putting people in a queue.

Remember that this is an opportunity for everyone to share. And it’s also a chance for everyone to provide feedback.

That said, it’s your job to ensure that your clients don’t feel as if they have to wait their turn to speak. It’s one of your clients’ biggest fears about joining group coaching programs.

Create an environment where everyone is encouraged to share.

Tip #3 - Community Involvement

It’s important to draw information from the entire community. Therefore, you have to encourage feedback. 

In many ways, a mastermind call is very much a group discussion. You have a group of peers exchanging wins, problems, and feedback.

As the coach, you get to tap into that discussion and synthesise the information. And once you have what you need, you can turn the page and share your thoughts.

But before doing that, it’s essential to ensure that everyone is contributing.

Tip #4 - Make Them Think About The Takeaway

The final tip to hosting a great mastermind call is about getting clients to figure out the takeaway.

During all the feedback and conversations, clients need to answer this question:

What are the next three steps I’m going to take after hearing everything?

If you structure your mastermind call around the power of the tribe, you’ll give your clients a lot of value. 

It will also help you strengthen the community and set everyone up for even better brainstorming coaching sessions.


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