results of your application

Thanks so much for your application. Unfortunately, it looks like it's not the right time for us to connect live. That's because of one of a few reasons: either you're not selling coaching, consulting or courses at your event, are currently under $10k/m in your business, don't have funds to invest in the growth of your events, or you indicated that scaling your events is not a "now" thing for you. All are totally okay and we would love to have an Event Scale Workshop when you're ready.


Oh dang! Look's like we're not the best fit to support you with your event scaling plans. That sucks! We are a very niche organisation and are experts at helping other experts sell their high ticket programs at events. While we'd love to help everyone running events, at this stage we're only working with businesses in the online education space (ie. you are selling knowledge/know how). 

IF it's not the right time

If you selected that scaling your events is not a "now" thing for you, we'd love to have a call with you when you're ready to scale. Our calendar fills up very quickly and we would love to chat with you when you're all in and this is something you're ready to do now or within the next month.

IF you do not have funds

For context, the minimum investment to work with us at Beyond Impact is $11000 up front and we have price points right up to $250000 a year. To work with our CEO Brody privately, it's $1m per year with rev share/equity. If we were to have an Event Scale Session with you right now the conversation would be entirely academic and we'd hate to put you in a tough spot financially.

At the end of your Event Scale Workshop, we are confident you are going to want to work with us (close to 100% of qualified businesses who complete jump on a call with us decide to work with us). We don't want to create a scenario where you're eager to get started but can't because of finances.

So if you fit into this category, we encourage you to come back to us when you have funds to invest so that we can build and execute your scaling plan together.

Thanks again for applying to work with us. We'd love to support you with your event scaling plans in the future.

If you feel like you've reached this page in error, please feel free to email us at [email protected].

Yours in impact,
Team Beyond Impact