Mastermind Calls Pros and Cons

You know what’s intimidating to many coaches?

Transitioning from one-on-one to group coaching.

After all, there are so many ways things can go wrong.

And you have different types of calls to structure and implement.

But you want to scale, right?

Then, this is something you must do!

That said, do you know the type of call that can accelerate your clients’ and your business’s growth?

It’s the mastermind call!

This is one of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal.

Once you practice it…

Develop your skills…

And implement this call…

Great things can happen for your business.

So, let me highlight two massive benefits of mastermind calls for you.

Benefit #1: Recognising Others

As a group brainstorming session, clients get to exchange feedback during mastermind calls. They get to share experiences and identify similarities. 

The truth is, sometimes, clients can suffer from an identity crisis. They can feel alone on an island, believing no one knows how to help them.

But mastermind calls enable people to connect, thus finding the similarities in their stories.

Suddenly, they find that they’re not really alone… 

Even better…

Others have crushed the same obstacles and have valuable lessons to offer!

Benefit #2. Empowering the Group

One of the best things about mastermind calls is that it empowers the group. 

It puts the heard collective input centre stage… 

It leverages herd knowledge…

It advocates taking action!

Communities are great not just for accountability and positive reinforcement. It’s also crucial in getting people to move the needle in their business.

So, in many ways, the mastermind call is not only an exchange of information. It’s also one big CTA to get those who are underperforming to step up their game.

It makes sense, doesn’t it?

As coaches, we’re impacting people by sharing knowledge and offering implementation solutions. And these are the same areas of focus in any mastermind call.

So, adopt this style.

Tweak it.

Master it.

That’s how you can elevate your group coaching to a new level.


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